Femke Bloem

We are being moved
By the natural rhythm

To breath like the tides

(Haiku by Fem)

From young age, Fem was drawn to the path of mysticism an spirituality. Her natural talents to ‘serve the arts’ -as she likes to call it, and her openness to the unseen worlds, made it possible for her to come closer to understanding the Divine by working with lots of different artforms and esotheric knowledge.

In ancient times priestessess were trained to create shapes of beauty and balance with any material that came to hand. All of this to give life's essence or 'spirit' to these earthly bodies, in order to heal and evoke deep insights. Fem trained herself with help of many teachers (both embodied as from the spirit world) to be able to walk this sacred path of beauty.

Music is one of most accessible ways to express and experience Spirit. With the angelic harp and her beautiful warm voice it became possible for Femke to evoke music that enables us to merge with our purest part, our Soul.

Also dance, writing, painting and creating highly energised atmospheres are part of Femke’s curriculum. All of this has led to the broad variaty of her works and teachings nowdays.

Her knowledge on several subjects in both western and eastern mysticism inspired her to devellop enchanting and empowering systems to learn as much about yourself as you need and become as healthy as you can be.

Numen is a latin word for ‘The Divine’. Working with Numen gives deep sensations of oneness and entlightenment. All the works of Fem are based on the concept of Numen and could be seen as a constant prayer to the beautiful Source of All things.