Holistic yoga (chakra-yoga)

Enjoy the power of being in the NOW on weekly base. A real easy way of feelgood yoga. All body positions are to be made in your own level of development, and are all designed to help you come to a relext state of being to enable deep contact with your body, your soul, the cosmos and nature. Lots of advices and inspirations according how to live your life in the best way possible are given in these lessons. We follow the cosmic tides, every month a zodiac sign will influence the focus of the lesson, giving us the opportunity to balance all chakra's throughout the year in accordance with nature. 

HarpMeditions, a wonderful journey with the harp. 

Sit back and relax. In two hours time Fem will guide you through the seven chakra’s with deep healing harpsounds and angelic voice. A magical journey that enables you to come out of your head into your heart, and connect to your seven inner powercenters and bring them back to balance. The live- harpmusic that will be used can be listened to and purchased at

Moon evenings

Each month a full moon rises in the sky. Every moon has its teachings, and certain energies that you can use for your own benefit. In these gatherings we learn by means specific guidedmeditations (pathworkings) what the moon can mean to us.

Breath of Life

The breath is our greatest gift, it gives us life. If we learn how to breath fully, we can improve our health and upgrade our life in the easiest way possible. In this inspiring workshop a way of breathing is tought that enables you to effectively recharge your chakra’s, or other things that need this highly charged energy. Also this technique can be used on many stress situations that we encounter, so that your energetic system will be restored easily and quickly.

Temple dance

A ceremony of Templedance is a very profound happening that will rock your system. Seen from a mystical point of view it is a initionairy journey that will leed you through the sacred Spheres of the Universe. From a more profane point of view it is a two hour dance-experience that will give you a deep feeling of oneness with yourself and the Universe itself.

Elemental Movements

This is a less sacred workshop then the templedance but also with great effect.

Best it would be discribed as dance-yoga lessons accompanied by beautiful music. These lessons are especially designed to make you move around in a light and playfull manner to connect with the four elements earth air water and fire. A treat for both adults and children.